National Park in Swedish Lapland

Welcome to Stora Sjöfallet

Hence the name Stora Sjöfallet, which means great waterfall in Swedish, or Stuor Muorkke,
the Sami name given to the park when it was formed in 1909. That name refers to a large “mårka”, that is land between two lakes.

The national park was formed to protect the waterfall and its source lakes. Shortly after the park’s formation, its map was redrawn to generate hydroelectric power.
The waterfall known as Stuormuorkkegårttje in the Sami language remains.

Stora Sjöfallet National Park stretches right across the high mountains, from the pine-forests in the south to the Norwegian border in the west. Sjaunja bird reserve, which borders the park, is the largest in Sweden and the largest marshland in Europe.

Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Lodge is situated in alpine surroundings in the centre of Stora Sjöfallet National Park and the Laponia world heritage site.
It is 140 kilometres from Gällivare along the beautiful Laponia Road (BD827).
It provides a breathtakingly beautiful journey that is unlike any other. You can get here by coach or car.
During certain times of the years there are even daily coaches to and from Gällivare.

Gällivare is situated 60 miles north of the arctic circle, in the middle of Lapland. It is not far to Gällivare, just two hours by plane from Stockholm.
You can also get here in the same time by train or car from the coast.

Sometimes you just need to see it by yourself.

Hotel & Apartment


         SINGLE                                       990 SEK /night
         DOUBLE TWO BEDS                1290 SEK /night
         DOUBLE 140 CM BED              1290 SEK /night
         DOUBLE XL                              1690 SEK /night​

Incl. breakfast/linen & cleaning
Sauna & Relax

SAUNA • 150 SEK/hour per person
HOT TUB • 300 SEK/hour per person


6 BED               3300 SEK /night

    Excl. breakfast/linen & cleaning

                     LINEN TO RENT                  150 SEK / person


EXCL. ELECTRICITY             195 SEK /night
 INCL. ELECTRICITY              295 SEK /night

 SEASON                     6500 SEK
  ONE YEAR                 9500 SEK

excl. electricity

         TENT                   150 SEK / night + person
All the campsite pricing is included use of service house:
kitchen, showers, laundry + drying room

Dining & Opening Hours


Natural local food from the environment
On the menu you always find meat, fish and
vegetarian options.

Enjoy a drink or non-alcoholic beverage at the bar and
chill by the fireplace. The restaurant is fully licensed.


Breakfast・150 SEK                         08 – 09
Dinner ・200 SEK                             18 – 20


Opening hours at the
mountain lodge / kiosk and restaurant

Monday – Thursday 10 – 19
Friday – Saturday 10 – 21
Sunday 10 – 19

Get Here


By car, you drive to us from Gällivare on road number E45 travelling south. After travelling 40 kilometers, you come to a turn off road to Stora Sjöfallet/Ritsem. If you are driving on road E45 from the south of Sweden you will pass Porjus. After about five kilometers passing Porjus, you will find the turn off road to Stora Sjöfallet/Ritsem.


The nearest airport is  Gällivare (Lapland Airport), 145 km from the Mountain Center with the flight route Gällivare – Stockholm, round trip.

​Remember to check with Länstrafiken Norrbotten so that the bus schedule fits the flight arrival. Have in mind that it take a while to get into the city center as well, have a good margin between flight arrival and bus departure.


By train traveling easiest way to Gällivare where you then change to bus.


From March to October, buses travel from the railway station in Gällivare to Stora Sjöfallet.
Länstrafiken Norrbotten from Gällivare takes you all the way to Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Center.

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